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involving or constituting a cause

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Companies can mitigate this bias by framing the balanced scorecard as a causal chain and involving managers in the selection of scorecard measures that they'll use to evaluate strategic success.
Here, we apply DAGs to the topic of heat-related mortality to provide insight into the causal structure of the heat-ozone-mortality relationship.
We already know that people are more likely to infer a causal relation if two things are close in time.
Ingenuity Variant Analysis is a web application that enables researchers to identify causal variants from human resequencing data in just minutes using known information about the biological effects of variants.
Nevertheless, many scholars who perceive their work as "qualitative research" will certainly reject Mahoney and Goertz' implication that an approach to causal analysis that is based on settheory and "configurational thinking" (Ragin 2008: 109-123) represents qualitative research.
The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs found a 'probable but weak causal link between psychotic illness and cannabis use'.
He does not postulate deeper conceptual levels to produce causal explanations.
Explicit in both definitions is the notion that health services researchers should strive to identify and estimate the causal effects on outcomes of interest of alternative organizational structures, management approaches, financing systems, provider practices, and personal choices regarding lifestyle and behavior.
Thus, BB has been inferred in many BB studies despite not having provided any evidence supporting the causal role of compound training of cues.
A consultant who specializes in applying statistics to various business and legal issues, Weisberg explains approaches to bias and causal inference, a realm statisticians have avoided until recently because it requires intuitive skills beyond the pale of mathematics.
If an intentional act--say, wiggling one's ears in order to earn a dollar--is caused by one's beliefs and desires (the reasons one has for wiggling one's ears), then, by the transitivity of the causal relation, it appears to follow that it is (also) caused by whatever causes one to have those beliefs and desires.
Timing of birth in relationship to winter virus season confers a differential and definable risk of developing early childhood asthma, establishing winter virus seasonality as a causal factor in asthma development, conclude the authors.
Lipoprotein- associated phospholipase A(2) (Lp-PLA(2)) appears to be relatively unique in its high specificity for and the causal pathway of plaque inflammation.
Depictions of cigarette smoking are pervasive in movies, occurring in three-quarters or more of contemporary box office hits, the NCI report said, adding that the weight of evidence indicates a causal relationship between exposure to depictions of smoking in movies and youth smoking initiation.