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having cracks and crevices stopped up with a filler


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Caulking the top and sides is standard practice, and you are only experiencing frosting on the upper part of the storms because the bottom part is slightly ventilated by the bottom not being caulked.
Press the bottom of the cup carefully onto the caulked line.
Spring is also a good time to check that roof shingles are accounted for and laying flat, that siding and trim are secure, and that exterior windows and doors are caulked properly.
Caulked stucco provides an excellent seal around windows when new.
Workers removing PCB-containing sealant between concrete blocks in a Swedish building found that they could remove 99% of the PCB by cutting and grinding away the caulking material, as well as a few millimeters of the concrete surrounding the caulked joints (Sundahl et al.
Over the last year and a half, the 57-year-old building has been repainted and its windows, which were originally caulked with material containing asbestos, have been replaced.
Since improperly caulked areas can cause so many problems, it is important to use the right product for the job at hand.
Realizing that a way of life was ending, Ames recorded rare film of woodsmen working crosscut saws, horses twitching logs to the riverbank, log drivers in caulked boots balancing on the Machias River, and, 70 miles downstream in the town of Machias, logs being lifted from the mill pond to the bandsaw, and finished lumber being loaded into schooners bound for Boston and New York.
wooden window frames should be caulked at the corners to prevent water leaking through the frame.