cauliflower ear

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an auricle deformed by injury

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Commence the cauliflower ear count from that point forward.
At that stage, cauliflower ear is permanent and plastic surgery is the only way to reconstruct the outer ear.
He said: "I know a lot of the other guys look on their cauliflower ear as a badge of honour so I think the shape is pretty fitting.
CAULIFLOWER ears, once the scourge of pug-ugly, burly home counties rugby players are the latest male characteristic driving women wild.
A CAULIFLOWER ear is caused by repeated injury to the cartilage of the ear.
POWERHOUSE prop Ewan Dowes is risking a cauliflower ear from his gorgeous other half if his Hull side lift the Powergen Challenge Cup.
No one with half a cauliflower ear would have used the belligerent Herbie Hide as ringside summariser knowing the bad blood that flows between the fading pug and the upstart Audley Harrison.
BOLTON manager Sam Allardyce has the makings of a cauliflower ear - a legacy of his hours on the phone solving his injury crisis.
LEFT EAR "I had to have it drained of fluid in December last year after I developed cauliflower ear.
Jurors at the Old Bailey heard that Abdulaziz - who had a cauliflower ear and swollen eye from previous attacks - was so worn down he simply let Saud kill him without a fight.
He never batted an eyelid, but he's got a bit of a cauliflower ear this morning
So with the help of Paul Vowles, team manager for Nuneaton Rugby Football Club - or the Nuns as they are affectionately known - four chaps were chosen, with not a beer belly or cauliflower ear in sight.
It wasn't much, but the flavours were punchy, and so sharp they could have pierced the lobe of a boxer's cauliflower ear.
That was a massive blow for Ponty but the Chief will have been beaming from one cauliflower ear to the other with this gutsy display.
The minute the club plunged into administration he was out on his cauliflower ear.