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(of plants) producing a well-developed stem above ground

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monticola but differs from this species by its terrestrial growth, caulescent habit with a stem 15-20 cm in lenght (vs.
Herbs perennial or subshrubs, caulescent or acaulescent, base of the stem with a tuft of rust-colored woolly hairs.
Herbs annual or perennial, caulescent to acaulescent and scapose, woolly to silky.
Shrubs, subshrubs, erect to climbing, or herbs perennial, caulescent.
abyssicola differs from it by its long caulescent habit, with stems 60-180 cm long (vs.
11 cm tall, slightly if at all caulescent, propagating by short basal shoots.
are diminutive caulescent annuals, with short semi-cylindrical leaves and often prostrate stems, which constitute much of the photosynthetic surface area.
The caulescent one with finer leaves and more bluish petals was known as 'Nez Misso' by Ken Woods but known as 'Bergeranthus' by Chris Larson
Plant terrestrial, stemless to short caulescent before anthesis, ca.
Plant terrestrial or saxicolous, caulescent, stems 12-15 cm long, ca.