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(of plants) producing a well-developed stem above ground

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Plant terrestrial, 100-130 cm including the inflorescence, caulescent, stem 15-20 cm long.
Herbs perennial or subshrubs, caulescent or acaulescent, base of the stem with a tuft of rust-colored woolly hairs.
Herbs perennial, caulescent to acaulescent, scapose.
Plant terrestrial or saxicolous, forming sparse groups hanging in a perpendicular-ascending angle in very steep to nearly vertical shaded slopes, long caulescent and propagating by short aggregated shoots sparsely distributed along the naked portion of the stem, flowering 140-250 cm tall, including the naked portion of the 60-180 x 1-1.
The stems are often subterranean or very shortly caulescent,
11 cm tall, slightly if at all caulescent, propagating by short basal shoots.
are diminutive caulescent annuals, with short semi-cylindrical leaves and often prostrate stems, which constitute much of the photosynthetic surface area.