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His Majesty continued to throw the quoits as coolly as if no danger threatened his throne, but the Pumpkinhead, having caught sight of Tip, ambled toward the boy as fast as his wooden legs would go.
He had caught sight of the very place--a little white house nestled against a big, whispering firwood, with a spiral of blue smoke winding up from its kitchen chimney--a house which just looked as if it were meant for babies.
She nodded, and the next moment they caught sight of it, at the end of the lane.
There's been a lot of weeping and wailing by people of my generation and older about the demise of NME, even though we hadn't caught sight of it in decades and wouldn't know any of the musicians in it anyway.
Wendy Hier is adamant she caught sight of a black fox as it scuttled across Coundon Wedge Drive.
If mountain goats caught sight of you, they'd probably stay out of view.
He said that he was at the pier head at Fort Augustus and he was taking a picture of a swan at the time, when out of the corner of his right eye he caught sight of a black area of water about 15 feet long, which developed into a kind of bow wave.
I caught sight of another tabby ducking under a bush by the ring of worn down marble seats.
I caught sight of a large, wobbling boob and presumed I was still watching Keith Chegwin.
ABOUT 18 months ago I first caught sight of Brum's new library building in Centenary Square.
Fans cheered as they caught sight of some of the film's other stars, which include Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray and Tilda Swinton.
The ship had been waiting in port for months in search of the Great White Fundamental Particle, which would fulfil a prediction made by Captain Higgs long ago when he first caught sight of it, or at least thought he had caught sight of it.
When the driver of the car caught sight of police he immediately threw the plastic bag out of the window.
Six or eight months ago, my wife and I went for the day to Holy Island and on our way home caught sight of the offending sign and called in.
In fact, while carrying out a breeding bird survey on the reserve, some volunteers caught sight of a male carrying a fish.