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persistent thickened stem of a herbaceous perennial plant


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woody stem of palms and tree ferns

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atrovirens aims to determine 1) caudex growth rates; 2) leaf production, expansion and senescence rates; 3) spore production and release periods; 4) the intensity of the simultaneous occurrence of each phenologic event as well as the influence of temperature, photoperiod and precipitation over it, based on the monitoring of a population in a secondary forest in southern Brazil.
benitomartinezii Habito herbacea perenne, rastrera Tallo caudex estriado Peciolo largo (cm) (2.
Existe una relacion semantica estrecha entre la palabra codex o caudex y la palabra latina liber.
The woody, often branched caudex - a shortened, mostly underground stem - bears densely packed rosettes of nearly vertical, narrow oblanceolate leaves, such that the aboveground morphology resembles a clump of grass.
The bottle palm (Beaucarnea recurvata) is the most common caudex bearer, or caudiciform.
Management fires top-killed most seedlings, but many had an enlarged caudex indicating that they re-sprouted after each fire.
Mature plants are generally [less than]10 cm high, with stems spreading from a caudex in a circular pattern up to 80 cm in diameter.
2004), they differ considerably in stem anatomy, leaf anatomy and inflorescence morphology (Fahn 1954; Waterhouse 1967, 1987; Rudall & Chase 1996), as well as unusual primary root initiation from the stem apex in Kingia, rather than a basal rootstock or caudex (Lamont et al.
Individual plants produce multiple stems from a fibrous caudex.
Solidago sciaphila (hereafter referred to as Solidago) is a glabrous polycarpic perennial that forms a basal rosette from a branched caudex with a fibrous root system (Gleason and Cronquist, 1991).