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a tail-shaped basal ganglion located in a lateral ventricle of the brain

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Azeez M A, Adetiba OA and MA Ogundiran Nutritional qualities and cytotoxic evaluation of Vernonia amygdalina, Amaranthus caudatum and Telfairia occidentalis vegetables widely consumed in South West Nigeria.
Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic activities of the ethanol extract from Desmodium caudatum.
1% pairwise identity (838/846 bases) with a published Paramecium caudatum sequence (FJ905142).
Preliminary study on the requirement of Entodinium exiguum and Entodinium caudatum for live or dead bacteria when cultured in vitro.
x caudatum, the apical cell of the filament divided crosswise to form two unequal cells whose function was to form a meristematic cell from which the plate phase will later develop (Fig.
Dressurversuche mit Paramecium caudatum und Stylonychia mytilus.
If you want a conservatory fern, consider the pendulous Adiantum caudatum, the Trailing Maidenhair from Malaysia and Indonesia.
Se encontraron algunos individuos de Coccoloba uvifera y Citharexylum caudatum asociados.
caudatum in a constant volume physiological salt solution, to which a fixed amount of bacteria culture was added daily (data in Gause 1934: Table 3).
McCaffrey's paper describes a new and powerful computer algorithm based on the feeding and reproductive behavior of protozoa (single-celled organisms that have animal-like characteristics) such as Paramecium caudatum.
Aun cuando en el estudio no se pudo identificar la influencia de cada uno de los diversos grupos troficos del licor de mezclado, se logro identificar Entodinium caudatum y Methanosaeta que son organismos recurrentemente encontrados en los rumiantes.
Lines derived from crosses between Zera-zera and Kafir or Caudatum were grouped together in a single cluster close to the Kafir cluster by all the marker sets except Matrix I.