caudate nucleus

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a tail-shaped basal ganglion located in a lateral ventricle of the brain

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Gaming has been shown to stimulate the caudate nucleus more than the hippocampus; 85 per cent of players rely on that part of the brain to navigate their way through a game.
Mapping of segmented structures: Once the image registration process was completed, nine already segmented mid-brain structures of reference image ie left ventricle, right ventricle, 3rd ventricle, left putamen, right putamen, left caudate nucleus, right caudate nucleus, anterior commissure and posterior commissure were mapped (Ali and Khan, 2011) from the reference image to target images by applying the final transformation achieved, as a result of registration process.
An initial MR of the patient's brain from an outside facility showed an area of abnormal restricted diffusion in the left caudate nucleus on diffuse weighted imaging (DWI) with corresponding abnormality on apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) map respectively, consistent with a recent vascular insult or inflammatory process.
Glucose metabolism was maintained in the caudate nucleus, thalamus, and hippocampus until it began to decline about 2 years before symptom onset.
There were also abnormalities in the caudate nucleus and lenticular nucleus, which probably explain his extrapyramidal symptoms.
In addition, the caudate nucleus is one of the components of the basal ganglia located next to the cerebellum, participating indirectly in movement modulation from the cortex to the nuclei and from these back to the motor cortex via thalamic nuclei.
Figure-1: Subtle increased signal in bilateral caudate nucleus (green arrow) and subcortical ribboning (red arrow) on DWI
In 21% of our patients we have a single infarction placed in hippocamp, medial thalamus and caudate nucleus.
of the brain showed hypo densities in the basal ganglia, internal capsule and caudate nucleus consistent with stroke.
The caudate nucleus, red nucleus, globus pallidus, putamen, white matter, thalamus and substantia nigra of brain were drawn manually based on their anatomical locations in Signal Processing in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (SPIN).
Deep brain stimulation of the ventral caudate nucleus in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder and major depression: case report.
In most sCJD cases, MRI shows hyperintense signal changes in the caudate nucleus, putamen, globus pallidus, thalamus, and cerebral cortex on T2-weighted, fluid-attenuated inversion recovery, proton density, and DW images.
Brain capillary telangiectasias are typically found in the pons, (1,2,4,5) but are also commonly located in the medulla, caudate nucleus, cerebrum, (3) cerebellar hemispheres, and in the spinal cord.
Neuroimaging studies have shown that increased activation of the caudate nucleus and anterior orbital frontal cortex were specific to OCD.