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Synonyms for caudate

a tail-shaped basal ganglion located in a lateral ventricle of the brain

amphibians that resemble lizards

having a tail or taillike appendage

(of a leaf shape) tapering gradually into a long taillike tip

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Caudate lobe is the segment I in Couinaud's classification and it is the only segment which receives blood independently from both left and right branches of portal vein.
A follow up with MR of the brain was performed in our patient 18 days after admission, which showed the area of the left caudate nucleus as a ring-enhancing abscess (Figure 1C).
Hence, the ROI would be the Putamen and Caudate, from which we shall be extracting several features for our analysis.
Compared with the healthy controls, the AVH patients showed significantly increased ReHo in the left precuneus and putamen and the right caudate and inferior temporal gyrus and decreased ReHo in the bilateral postcentral gyrus and thalamus and the right inferior occipital gyrus (FDR corrected, P < 0.
Contrast computerized tomography showed well-defined hypo dense lesion present in the caudate lobe of the liver, which enhances with contrast administration with inferior vena cava lumen narrowing of 90-95% [Figure 2] and [Figure 3].
Past research has shown that people who use caudate nucleus-dependent navigation strategies have decreased grey matter and lower functional brain activity in the hippocampus.
There were also abnormalities in the caudate nucleus and lenticular nucleus, which probably explain his extrapyramidal symptoms.
days of cerebral circulation ameliorating and serum electrolyte turbulence correcting therapy whereas the symmetric abnormal signals in bilateral caudate nucleus and putamen still existed.
Differential expression of DSCR in human brain A quantitative analysis of global transcription of DSCR genes along the structures of the brain nuclei and the limbic lobe revealed that the highest values of z-score were registered in the area that includes the putamen for DSCR3, RCAN1 as well as in left and right caudate nuclei for DSCR6, and the left and right globus pallidus for DSCR3, SH3GBR, DYRK1A, CLIC6 and PRMT2.
They include the hypothalamus; the striatal region, which includes the putamen and caudate and is in charge of motivation and reward; the limbic region, where emotion and memory reside; and the cortical region, which includes the prefrontal cortex, insula, and the anterior cingulate cortex and handles the integration and processing of the brain.
of the brain showed hypo densities in the basal ganglia, internal capsule and caudate nucleus consistent with stroke.
We know that in humans, the caudate region is associated with decision-making, motivation and processing emotions," says Gregory Berns, MD, Ph.
Neuroimaging studies have shown that increased activation of the caudate nucleus and anterior orbital frontal cortex were specific to OCD.
Although we are just beginning to answer basic questions about the canine brain, we cannot ignore the striking similarity between dogs and humans in both the structure and function of a key brain region: the caudate nucleus.