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toward the posterior end of the body


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It also extended caudally into the paravertebral soft tissue surrounding C1 and C2.
After establishing the pneumoperitoneum by Veress needle or by Hasson technique, three to four trocars are usually placed between the midclavicular line and anterior axillary line 2 cm caudally to the costal margin.
Male ventrite VII bearing a prominent triangular spine on each side lateroventrally; female with abdominal segment VII bearing a caudally directed lateral spine on each side; Bolivia.
Autopsy findings; 6x4x2 cm heart mass with four chambers apex lying caudally was visible in front of the sternum.
The efferent pathways from the hypothalamus enter the medial forebrain bundle and project caudally near the lateral part of the substantia nigra into the midbrain tegmental region.
A small dural and arachnoidal incision was made and a 2 to 3 mm segment of polyethylene tubing connected to a micropipette was inserted caudally through the durotomy.
Study at necropsy, however, of many patients with combined AS and left bundle branch block or complete heart block has indicated that the conduction disturbance was due not to associated coronary narrowing but to destruction of the left bundle branches or the atrioventricular bundle by calcific deposits that had extended caudally from the aortic valve (Roberts, unpublished data).
The conus was low being located at the L4 level where it continued caudally as a thickened filum terminale.
Pulmonary sequestration is the result of an accessory lung bud that develops from the ventral primitive foregut as it migrates caudally.
With age, the brain will shrink and sag caudally, and this may allow the root entry zone to be compressed by an elongated arteriosclerotic artery (Janetta, 1981a).
Further evidence for masculinization of female rats by males located caudally in utero.
Autumnal molt begins on the top of the head and proceeds ventrally and caudally.
Following this, the ureter was dissected caudally to the level of crossing of the common iliac artery.
Area between lateral carinae of pronotum dark brown; two branches of outer apical angle of genital styles subequal; aedeagus with one small spine situated near basal third, directed caudally M.