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toward the posterior end of the body


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3), which occupies a small part of the lateral portion of the skull, extending caudally to the post-orbital process; ventrocaudally, the squamosal region is bounded by the reduced suprameatic process (Processus suprameaticus--PrS) (Fig.
The nasal compartments of cavity extended from anterior nares to posterior nares (choanae) and continued caudally as nasopharynx.
Unfortunately, we were not able to reach his previous neurological records; but a huge extruded lumbar disc herniation that was caudally immigrating was found at L4-5 level when his initial MRI was examined (Figure 2).
Caudally, a similar process involves postcardinal and subcardinal veins, in pairs, forming the postsubcardinal anastomosis.
However, as the ureteric bud incorporates into the bladder, the upper pole ureteric bud rotates and migrates more caudally than the lower pole ureteric bud.
Further development of this thyroid diverticulum occurs into a solid cellular cord known as the thyroglossal duct, which duct grows caudally and divides to produce the thyroid lobes and the isthmus.
At the cephalic end, the abscess began at the level of C4-5 and extended caudally to the level of the sacrum at S1.
The tip of the flap situated caudally to the medial canthus of eye depending on the required length of the flap.
The ureters began in the renal pelvis in the hilum region and followed caudally until the oval-shaped urinary bladder.
Following this, the ureter was dissected caudally to the level of crossing of the common iliac artery.
Although filiform papillae were caudally inclined, papillae located in the rows in the lateral margins of the tongue (right and left) were inclined latero-caudally (Figures 1 and 2C).
On examination, utilizing a flexible laryngoscope, the patient was found to have a lesion of the left false vocal cord, extending caudally to the left true vocal cord and ventricle (Figure 1).
2] short stalked or connate; male genitalia with a listric uncus, juxta with 2 strong lateral lobes caudally, aedeagus as long as valva.