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1, 70] Praetendebat dextra flammiuomum quendam draconem caudae suae ultima deuorantem, quem credebant anni numerum nomine perdocere.
lateralis caudae with an improved line of action so that its contraction can contribute to spreading of the rectrices by abduction of the outermost rectrix.
Recordings for this study were made from two caudal hypaxial muscles, the lateralis caudae (pigeons: 8 electrodes, 4 birds; turkeys: 10, 6) and the bulbi rectricium (pigeons: 9, 5; turkeys: 9, 5), and from the pectoralis (pigeons: 10, 5; turkeys: 1, 1).
There seems, then, to be good reason for the deduction that it was Perotinus (presumably in the 1990s, some years before Leoninus's death) who first recognized that the nature of discant, as experienced in the composition of caudae of conducti a 2, made possible the composition of organa for more than two voices and, in fact, required its application to the upper parts of organal sections in organa cum alio [cantu], as Garlandia put it.
In the same paragraph Folly brings to mind how the general Sertorius once managed to prevail upon his stupid troops--not through arguments but by means of a silly device, which involved the plucking of hairs from the tail of a horse (100, 538-39, "de vellendis equinae caudae pilis ridendum .