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It is clear that surgery is the first choice, when severe pain, despite medical treatment, progressive neurological deficit, and cauda equina syndrome are present in patients with extruded and sequestrated lumbar disc herniation.
Indications for surgery in such patients include slip progression, significant deformity and postural imbalance, neurologic deficit and/or cauda equina syndrome, and imaging confirmed radiculopathy unresponsive to conservative treatment
The nerve roots of the cauda equina may also show crowding and redundancy above the site of narrowing (Figure 17).
s case, pressure was increasing on the spinal cord and cauda equina from an enlarging hematoma that was affecting sensation in his feet and causing heaviness and mobility deficits in his legs.
Posteriormente, Pool intervino a siete pacientes voluntarios y visualizo por primera vez, in vivo, la vasculatura y la cauda equina.
Cauda equina occurs with the overlapping of previously existing conditions such as spinal stenosis, tethered cord in L4-5 midline discs.
The aetiology of cervical, dorsal and lumbar pain is quite broad, including muscle disorders, disc disease, (15) bone diseases, primary or metastatic vertebral tumours, (16,17) spinal cord, cone or cauda equina tumours, intra-abdominal or retroperitoneal tumours, vertebral fractures or dislocations, ankylosing spondylitis, lumbar arthrosis, vertebral-epidural infections or abscesses, diabetic neuropathy, congenital abnormalities, among others.
CSF seeding of the tumour was detected along the ventral surface of the brainstem and on the cerebellopontine angle cisterns, the anterolateral temporal lobes and posterior fossa, the leptomeninges and the cauda equina of the spine (Fig.
When the nerve pressure is at the lower levels of the nervous system, at the area of the cauda equina, there can develop problems with control of the bowel and or bladder.
In terms of the neurological status one case had radicular symptoms two presented with incomplete cauda equina syndrome and the other two were normal.
Two of five with magnetic resonance imaging of the lumbosacral region had gadolinium enhancement of the ventral nerve roots of the cauda equina.
Esta lesion tiene un buen pronostico luego del tratamiento quirurgico, y debe tenerse en mente entre los diagnosticos diferenciales de procesos expansivos intradurales toraco-lumbares y de cauda equina.
renal colic, spinal-cord injury, and acute cauda equina syndrome) that result in acute lower-back pain (LBP).
Spinal Paraganglioma are rare and most of the reported cases have occurred in cauda equina or filum terminale.