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Entre as medidas de associacao mais utilizadas podemos destacar a concordancia (como sendo distinta de dependencia), correlacao linear, dependencia de cauda e dependencia de quadrante positivo.
The healing potential in cauda equina syndrome secondary to traumatic posterior L5-S1 dislocation.
Cauda equinali hastalarda mesane fonksiyonlari ile iliski lendirilen en onemli bulgular S2-S4 dermatomlarinin oldugu pe rineal ve perianal his ile S1-2 dermatomlarinin oldugu ayagin dis yaninda his kaybinin birisinin veya her ikisinin de bulunma sidir (15).
Cavernous angiomas of the cauda equina: case report and review of the literature.
Neuroendocrine tumor (paraganglioma) of the cauda equina: MR and pathological findings.
La crista superior es de perfil bajo desde el ostio a la cauda media, y esta peor desarrollada posteriormente.
Like Malapropism, Cauda Equina was under the care of Mick Channon, whose sprinters seem to keep possession of their enthusiasm and go on willingly season after season, netting their share of income to keep the owner's Weatherbys account in the black.
It's critical to quickly identify the 5% or so of patients with cauda equina compression, often associated with an expanding aneurism or a herniated disc because they require emergency surgery.
Sperm motility of cauda epididymis and density of cauda epididymis and testicular sperm were assessed by the method of Prasad et al.
Spinal hematoma, cauda equina syndrome, bacterial meningitis, and epidural abscess appear to be the most common severe neurologic complications, based on a study of 1,260,000 spinal blocks and 450,000 epidural blocks administered in Sweden between 1990 and 1999, said David C.
Alem disso, as especies mais arboricolas tem garras mais desenvolvidas, e membros e cauda com maior capacidade preensil, permitindo que elas agarrem os suportes com maior firmeza, aumentando o equilibrio e desenvolvendo maiores velocidades.
Karls negligence caused him serious injuries including, inter alia, incomplete paraplegia due to Cauda Eqina Syndrome.
The Greek amarantos meaning unfading and the Latin cauda a tail.