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a closed political meeting

meet to select a candidate or promote a policy

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Iowa, the site of the first GOP presidential caucuses in 2000, and New Hampshire, the site of the first Republican presidential primary.
Both Cocchiar- ella and Speaker of the House John Mercer be-lieve that caucuses may not meet as often.
It turned out to be that the Missouri caucuses, depending on which way you spun them, could have been very important.
The caucuses should be taken as a less reliable indicator of a candidates' ability to win votes than the primaries on Jan.
More information about the caucuses is available by contacting Billy Johnson at (202) 662-8548 or Mark Reiter at (202) 662-8517.
Although the planning and presentation of the conference is a huge volunteer effort, surprisingly, putting it all together has not been very difficult since many members of the steering committee are leaders in their caucuses and are used to working with each other in ALA and on other committees," says Kenneth A.
Polls show that Gephardt is in a statistical dead heat with three other candidates participating in the caucuses, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, Senator John Edwards and Senator John Kerry.
Campaign workers for the presidential candidates actively contesting the Iowa caucuses are bonded by common denominators like nights on air mattresses, meals of cold pizza, and long hours selling their candidates door-to-door.
I am fully confident that once this is up and running, the homeland security caucus will be one of the most active and effective caucuses on Capitol Hill," he said.
Examples are small participative religious congregations, regular attendees of Narcotics Anonymous meetings, local participative political caucuses and psychotherapy groups.
In this way, all Caucuses are able to draw from a broader membership and function more successfully.
APHA will soon have a stronger, more formal relationship with its Caucuses, thanks to a memorandum of understanding that was signed by Caucus leaders in November.
closed party caucuses in the Oregon Legislature has been around for years.
Bob Dole, R-Kansas, opened the seven-day sprint to the nation's first Republican primary here Tuesday by reaching for a new economic message tailored to the populism of Pat Buchanan, who finished a close second to the senator in the Iowa caucuses.
At their worst, then, the logic of caucuses is simply the logic of pork writ large.