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a closed political meeting

meet to select a candidate or promote a policy

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Currently, eight states--Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin--have kids' caucuses.
According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, "Ron Paul's sweeping victory in Saturday's [April 28] Republican Party caucuses in Louisiana was the latest in a series of guerilla caucus-state coups by the outsider campaign that may ultimately give him command of enough state delegations to place his name in nomination at the national convention in Tampa.
The caucuses confer such credibility because the parties, the media and the voters allow it.
Last month, for instance, when Colorado held party caucuses, journalists at the Denver Post were not forbidden from participating, but Editor Greg Moore told employees: "Honestly, I would prefer you didn't.
ISRI members descended on Capitol Hill, visiting more than 100 offices June 26 to urge legislators to join the caucuses and learn more about the scrap recycling industry.
Although the planning and presentation of the conference is a huge volunteer effort, surprisingly, putting it all together has not been very difficult since many members of the steering committee are leaders in their caucuses and are used to working with each other in ALA and on other committees," says Kenneth A.
The delegates who were elected in primary elections and caucuses attend their party's national convention.
Democratic party presidential candidates were last night eagerly awaiting the outcome of caucuses in Iowa -the first contest to pick President George Bush's opponent in November's elections.
Campaign workers for the presidential candidates actively contesting the Iowa caucuses are bonded by common denominators like nights on air mattresses, meals of cold pizza, and long hours selling their candidates door-to-door.
I am fully confident that once this is up and running, the homeland security caucus will be one of the most active and effective caucuses on Capitol Hill," he said.
Examples are small participative religious congregations, regular attendees of Narcotics Anonymous meetings, local participative political caucuses and psychotherapy groups.
In this way, all Caucuses are able to draw from a broader membership and function more successfully.
Singh reframes the way in which scholars will examine racial and ethnic organizations by developing the complex institutional context within which such caucuses functions and by illustrating the ways in which groups with similar structural rather than racial or ethnic characteristics, in other national settings, successfully influence policy.
Iowa, the site of the first GOP presidential caucuses in 2000, and New Hampshire, the site of the first Republican presidential primary.
I know it seems bizarre to brood about the dates for the primaries more than 18 months before the Iowa caucuses, especially with our campaign-finance laws in tatters and the political mood as ugly as the Jerry Springer Show.