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a closed political meeting

meet to select a candidate or promote a policy

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ACTE has been instrumental in the development of the Caucuses and their agendas.
"The Caucuses serve as a place for members to call their own, a space where their voices can be heard and a nexus for community members who may not necessarily be APHA members," Caucus Collaborative Co-chair Titilayo Okoror, PhD, told The Nation's Health.
Caucuses are town hall meetings held at local schools and churches where registered voters meet and hear about their party candidates.
"Some caucuses' presidents are present and others are absent," he said.
The primary got much more publicity than the caucuses, which were largely ignored by the mainstream media.
On March 6, Super Tuesday, presidential primaries and caucuses will be held in the most states on a single day.
It should worry Iowans and others with an investment in the credibility of the caucuses even more.
Guided by a bipartisan leadership team of governors and staffed through the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation, the Governors Sportsmen's Caucus will complement and enhance both the Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus and the National Assembly of Sportsmen's Caucuses. Gov.
"There are a lot of senators we have good relationships with who may or may not join caucuses. Some are just not big on caucuses, they're not joiners like in the House," Gunderson said.
However, he said it is okay for spouses of newsroom employees to participate in the caucuses.
(ISRI) is touting the growth of the House and the Senate Recycling Caucuses, which doubled to 128 members in the last year, following the ISRI member fly-in to Capitol Hill in June and year-round in-district outreach efforts.
Baird likes caucuses. He sits on 34 others, including the Community College Caucus.
In the spirit of grand bargains, we might entertain the abolition of the black and Hispanic caucuses if the Republicans are willing to chuck their party.
Caucuses are meetings arranged, planned and conducted by delegates to discuss issues or share information.
Seven years in the planning, this conference is the result of a historic collaboration between five cosponsoring caucus associations of color: The individual caucuses are affiliates of the American Library Association (ALA) and several have had conferences of their own.