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Synonyms for catty-cornered

slanted across a polygon on a diagonal line

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It faces the alley from the patio, sort of catty-cornered from the Legacy Building," he said.
I never in my life thought that - literally, catty-cornered from my house - a 12-story building could go in.
Instead of a sterile suburban location, AutoZone Park--fronted by a 40-foot statue of a baseball player about to swing--is at the city's heart, catty-cornered from the famed Peabody Hotel where the ducks walk to the lobby fountain each day.
Catty-cornered to the genius (as is so often the case) stands Eros, his penis broken off.
But these entertainments were more bearable than the neoclassical tragedies, which featured recits and tirades grunted at top speed by pairs of actors planted at right angles to each other and stuck catty-cornered to half-face a stupefied audience.