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Synonyms for catty-corner

slanted across a polygon on a diagonal line

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His shop was next door to the bank, just north of the Buckhorn Bar, near the dry cleaners, which was beside the post office and across the street from the Hoosier Hotel, alongside the Coffee Cup Restaurant, beside the Johnston's IGA, across the alley from the office supply store, catty-corner from Baker's Hardware and Money's Television and Radio, just down from the Royal Theater and Lawrence's Drug Store, beside the town's other bank, across Main Street from Dinsmore's Basket Shop, which was east of Mingle's dress shop and Thompson's Rexall, next to Beecham's Menswear, down the block from Danners' five-and-dime.
The building, catty-corner to BAM, serves as more than the company's home.
There was a booth just catty-corner to ours run by the Treatment Action Coalition of South Africa.
To make chances of survival worse, a coffee house directly catty-corner from his new Forza was the only marginally viable business in sight.
The building, catty-corner from Fort Greene Park and across the street from the Brooklyn Hospital Center, is a three-story converted firehouse.
It's small up here, and he has his own hut catty-corner to hers.
live with me catty-corner. You will eat your fingertips
Instead, Knight and Asturias immediately noticed that the garage sat catty-corner to a large cement retaining wall--an ugly arrangement to have in the backyard by anyone else's standards.
Mama Lucky, who lived catty-corner from the Mbasas and who had married one of Mr.
Before the 20th-and-Washington site, the weekly was at 10th and Pine Streets, catty-corner from the Scruggs, Vandervoort, Barney department store.
Located on the world's busiest retail street, 34th Street, and catty-corner from R.H.
The Jungle Theater, as Boehlke's brainchild is now called, is a tiny 100-seat gem of a space located catty-corner from a sports bar and a shop specializing in sex toys at the intersection of Lyndale Avenue and south Minneapolis's notoriously sleazy Lake Street.