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Synonyms for catty

Synonyms for catty

any of various units of weight used in southeastern Asia (especially a Chinese measure equal to 500 grams)

marked by or arising from malice

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Jocelyn Catty focuses on the representation of rape in many Elizabethan and Jacobean male authors and genres, concluding her study with four chapters devoted to the topic in the works of Jane Lumley, Mary Sidney, Elizabeth Cary, and Mary Wroth.
Catty also misreads Beliza's deeply insulting argument that Theanor became a double rapist because he derived so little satisfaction from his rape of Merione: Merione should consider
Ms Catty and Mr Barry Cotter have also been re-appointed to the Board as directors.
BRITAIN'S GOT TALONS Elaine Paige, left, gets catty about Susan Boyle, above
If he reviewed an exhibit of paintings by David, would he use the review to make catty remarks about Gaugin and Picasso?
IT'S almost three years since my beloved Catty vanished into thin air one balmy June night but my heart still aches, because I'll never know what happened and can't put her to rest.
So the series comes to an end, and as catty Katie Hopkins tries to turn into a minor celebrity (by being the same manipulative cow just with a glammed-up makeover), I wonder if it can survive another series.
This just in from the ladies room: With the high interest in CNN anchor Kyra Phillips' catty remarks overheard from her stall in the ladies room during President Bush's speech in New Orleans last Wednesday, cable news networks were scurrying about to take advantage of what might be the latest wave in reporting.
Catty Jodie, 27, said: "Chantelle thinks she's some kind of star now but you know what - she hasn't got any talent.
The boyfriend debacle proves to Gen that her "friends" are shallow, catty, spoiled, and disloyal.
They broke every stereotype about gay relationships by staying friends and not turning catty.
Camp and outrageous, provocative and controversial, catty and hysterical, Scott Capurro is a stranger to good taste.