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any orchid of the genus Cattleya characterized by a three-lobed lip enclosing the column

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Cattleya walkeriana Gardner is appreciated by growers because of its diversity of forms and its beautiful and valuable flowers (Da Silva & Milaneze-Gutierre, 2004).
This group includes Cattleya, also sometimes known as the 'corsage orchid' Steamy.
The work's unique amalgam of materials results in inexplicable pathos--a devastating vignette in which an exotic fuchsia cattleya orchid lies dying in its Pyrex confines as mold spores reach up from the puddle of pathogenic buttermilk below.
nectar Aves Polinizadores Ornamentacion Ejemplos de plantas (Himenopteros) Cattleya spp.
Hojas coriaceas que en nuevas sin manchas el resto de las Cattleyas Epoca de floracion Entre febrero y Septiembre a abril marzo, hasta 2-3 veces al ano Cattelya Cattleya mendelii Caracteristica percivaliana O'Brien O'Brien Lirio morado, flor Nombre comun del libertador, flor -- de mayo Venezuela Colombia Origen Selva nublada Litofiticas, crece constituida por sobre rocas de la bosques siempre cordillera andina Habitat verdes, bosque humedo montano y premontano De 1200 a 2000 700 a 1000 msnm.
Cattleyas, dendrobiums and oncidiums are best suited for outside in warm weather and need light.
Continue the conversation and you'll discover the expertise necessary to produce show-stopping cattleyas, odontoglossums and calanthes took 30 years to acquire.
Although I have only mentioned two varieties, others, including Dendrobiums, Cattleyas and Paphiopedliums, are also generally available to purchase.
The collection includes cattleyas (familiar corsage orchids); miltonias (pansy orchids), with teardrop patterns in the center of the flowers; phalaenopsis (moth orchids); and oncidiums (what florists call spray orchids).
walk under huge ficus trees laden with vines and blue vandas, where a giant "tiki" structure is engulfed by a waterfall, and a multitude of phalaenopsis, cattleyas, dendrobiums, oncidiums, heliconia, palms, philodendrons, birds-of-paradise, robelius, and tropical ferns engulf a mystical island.
In his nursery in Baguio, he has no less than 2,000 pots of cattleyas and many other orchid genera.
Purple cattleyas and white phalaenopses overflowed from the urns.
se desarrollan mejor cuando la temperatura nocturna es de 10 [grados]C, mientras que las de clima intermedio, como Cattleyas spp.
Tuesday, July 27 North East of England Orchid Society, talk, Cattleyas, by Mike Armstrong, Community Centre, Bowburn, 7.