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any orchid of the genus Cattleya characterized by a three-lobed lip enclosing the column

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All can be grown on a windowsill and will rebloom indoors without artificial light (except cattleya, which requires artificial light in winter in the Northwest and in foggy coastal areas).
(2012), using MS medium, did not find a great difference in the chlorophyll levels in seedlings of Cattleya loddigesii cultivated in different activated charcoal concentrations, thus corroborating the results we obtained with MS medium.
CREDITS: A 01 Distribution release (in Italy) of a Cattleya, Rai Cinema presentation of a Cattleya, Babe Films production, in collaboration with Rai Cinema.
In bloom or in bud, a cattleya orchid plant will please any flower fancier.
Lawyer Cattleya Acaylar, the acting regional director, said that the Toril-Roxas fare in 2008 was P27.50.
Sore-eyed, we've resigned ourselves to a two-week staycation-all right, quarantine-in our little condominium unit at Cattleya Gardens.
Avenue, C-5, between Calle Industria Street and Greenmeadows Avenue (1st lane from sidewalk), southbound, Mindanao Avenue from Road 1 to Cattleya St.
Cattleya e o genero de Orchidaceae exclusivamente neotropical mais cultivada devido a extraordinaria beleza de suas flores que a tornou popular e utilizada como matriz para hibridos (HETHERINGTON, 2002).
Tozzi's Cattleya shingle produced what looks to be an eye-opening expose, which RAI Cinema will release in mid-February.
Photo shows Romualdez (5th from left), Lim (4th from left) and Limjoco (5th from right) leading the ribbon-cutting rites with event partners OWWA chief of programs and services division Arlene Salloman, Robinsons mall operation manager Cattleya Joy Cordano, PLDT business head for corporate relationship Nino Nanquil, Fenix Management and Capital Inc.
Looking back at her filmography, she is just as memorable in gorgeously realized films like 'Still Life' as she is in excruciating-to-watch dramas like 'Cattleya: An OFW Story.'