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a bridge over a ditch consisting of parallel metal bars that allow pedestrians and vehicles to pass, but not cattle


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Is this what it's going to take before someone builds a proper fence or cattle-grid to keep the sheep out of Marsden?
Jonathan Freer-Smith, 18, told the court that just moments before her death he had managed to pull the stricken mum to safety after her Ugg boot got trapped in the cattle-grid.
It was stated that the farmer had a duty to make precautions for lack of care by those crossing the field along this heavily used footpath and that `cattle-proof means of access', such as a stile or cattle-grid, should have been in place.
The cattle-grid system works by turning cow remains from local abattoirs into meat and bone meal, which is then fed into a giant furnace, producing steam to turn the huge power turbines.
Here on Exmore we regularly see sheep crossing cattle-grids on tiptoes.