cattle thief

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someone who steals livestock (especially cattle)


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The deceased was an alleged cattle thief of Hirabad and Kali Mori areas and also used to conduct illicit business of narcotics, the spokesman informed and added that an amount of Rs one millions was fixed on the deceased thief who was allegedly involved in more than 24 cases of dacoities, theft and drug peddling.
She was also notorious for her association with cattle thief Frederick Ward.
There is no reports cases of cattle thief within eight counties of Lakes state being caused by youth themselves like before" said Commissioner Kulang.
Rob Roy, born Robert McGregor, was a cattle thief who sold protection against other rustlers.
Nine courts comprised of all payam court (pending reorganization), Trade Union court, Cattle thief court, Fisheries court, Market and Porters court, Shiekh-El-Hila court, Town regional court, Border court and Gelweng court are impacted by the decision.
They will stand before court and sentence given to person by court will be completed without bail -- no more room for cattle thief allow by this current administration" said Mayen.
50 Kempton The character in Rolf Boldrewood's novel Robbery Under Arms is thought to be based on infamous Australian cattle thief Harry Readford from the late 1800s.
Jacob, reputed to be a professional cattle thief, was lynched after a summary trial by a jury composed of 200 citizens.