cattle plague

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an acute infectious viral disease of cattle (usually fatal)


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Cattle plague. New York: Kluwer Academic/ Plenum, 2003:43-59, 497-551.
Its history spans 170 years and, with the exception of the World Wars, and when there was cattle plague and Foot and Mouth Disease, it has taken place every year.
In 1866 it was cancelled because of cattle plague. It shut down in 1917 and 1918 because of World War I and from 1940 to 1946 because of World War II.
With a history spanning 170 years, the Royal Show has taken place each year since, with the exception of the World Wars, and when there was cattle plague and foot and mouth disease.
They all succumbed to a disease far more deadly than foot-and-mouth - cattle plague, or rinderpest.
These include monkey pox, a highly infectious viral disease like smallpox which can be fatal, and cattle plague, the human equivalent of foot and mouth.
Then in 1866 the Cattle Diseases Prevention Act was passed to combat the outbreak of cattle plague or rinderpest which was then sweeping through the country, and the Cattle Plague Department was set up in the Home Office to administer it.
If tests reveal the cattle plague, more than 10,000 sheep and 1600 cows will be at risk.
The Great Cattle Plague went on for five months, and nearly half a million farm animals were slaughtered.