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a pen for cattle

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install a combination of made-to-order and custom-made cattle pens and panels from acceptable manufacturers to upgrade
The trees' root system also prevents hyenas from tunneling into the cattle pen from below.
According to the Kagoshima District Court ruling of March 1980, the four were involved in strangling the victim with a towel, and his remains were found among compost in a cattle pen near his home in October 1979.
Smyth's body was found in a cattle pen in a field near Ashbourne, Co Meath, on Friday.
But as he was restraining the cow it suddenly kicked the side of a cattle pen, which then struck Graeme.
The extended family of Silwanyephi Mvelase lives in 10 other huts, all of them surrounding the fire circle and cattle pen that form the core of any Zulu homestead.
which clink this sound All the days crowd in one day Then every year has one day too many Last year falls right under the big oak His memory comes from a cattle pen A column of smoke rising from it Some children, burning, sing hand in hand
I'm sure that I'm not the only person who doesn't quite fit into this little cattle pen the government are trying to herd me into to.
Local tribesman, who hold a good clout in the area, thrashed several Hindus forcing them to run away and take shelter in a near by cattle pen, The News reports.
Summary: FUJAIRAH uThe Fujairah Court of Appeal has quashed the emirateAEs lower court verdict which had ordered the acquittal of three men charged with stealing sheep from a cattle pen and sentenced them each two months C in jail.
A farm worker discovered the part-decomposed head on Tuesday in a makeshift cattle pen close to the village cemetery in Asfordby, Leics.
Eager to be chosen by somebody - anybody - so as to escape from that cattle pen, I went forward and stood in front of him.
The prize money stands at pounds 74,000 and pounds 2,500 will be saved for every cow that reaches the cattle pen.
He rode his chestnut-coloured horse named Guardsman alongside the steers as they were brought in from the outer reaches of the property, and at one stage galloped ahead to open the cattle pen.
All 20 boxes are full - with the 21st inmate having to reside in a cattle pen for the moment.