cattle grid

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a bridge over a ditch consisting of parallel metal bars that allow pedestrians and vehicles to pass, but not cattle


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Pass cattle grid, leave road on left and follow ridge-top path you came along back to car park.
6 Go through the gate alongside the cattle grid then leave the road on the left
A cattle grid already prevents them leaving the land in the direction of Conwy and it is about time that something similar is done to prevent them straying to Dwygyfylchi.
There are two more metal field gates (and cattle grids) on the approach to a small area of woodland and buildings at "Hawksnest" (on our right hand side).
Donkey can jump across the bars of the cattle grid, but that's not so easy for Sheep, Pig, Foal and Cow.
Follow it up the hill, cross the main road and continue over the cattle grid up the lane and back to the starting point.
Ryan Quinn pleaded for help from his dad as his hand was struck in a cattle grid, saying: "Daddy, you are going to have to come quickly.
The tree-lined gravelled drive, approached over a cattle grid, sweeps between indigenous woodland and post and rail paddocks towards an electrically operated gate.
It's like driving over an extended cattle grid only worse.
Even then, unlike RenAe, I still reckon I wouldn't look like I could fall down a cattle grid
His car kicked high in the air over a cattle grid near the end of the discipline and slammed hard into the ground on its nose.
Part of the road - connecting the Rhondda to Nantymoel - will be closed from the cattle grid (in Nantymoel) up towards the top of the mountain, where the road bends around at the junction.
1 Turn right at phone box, cross cattle grid, turn left and walk down the hill.
A cow had to be be rescued by firefighters after getting stuck in a cattle grid.
He believes that Lili must have vaulted over a cattle grid.