cattle drive

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driving a bovine herd (as cows or bulls or steers)

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Combined with 3D mapping technologies, it is reasonable to expect that drones might be used in the near future as a sort of guide at the front of a cattle drive, choosing the least-strenuous path for cows and cowboys alike.
Sedalia, MO, December 23, 2017 --( Trail's End Plaza is a sculpture park in Sedalia, Missouri, celebrating Sedalia's historic past as the railhead destination for the great Texas cattle drives of the 1860's.
Meanwhile, next door neighbour Ken, a fan of Western movies, is also flying off to his dream destination - the USA - where he wants to join a cattle drive.
The film followed the fortunes of a group of middle-aged family men who sign up for a cattle drive.
When the Hardy Boys stop an attempt to steal Hondo, they are "roped into" helping the cattle drive back to the Welch family dude ranch.
Synopsis: The cattle drive begins as just another ordinary trail drive from Texas to the railroad loading pens in Kansas--but things soon turn deadly as bullets fly and rustlers try to steal the whole herd of steer.
"Only in Harney County would we find someone like this, in a cattle drive," he said.
THE TWO AMIGOS: A GAUCHO ADVENTURE BBC2 9.15pm (Scot 10.15pm) It's time to see if all Simon and John's training has paid off as they embark on the challenge everything has been building up to - the cattle drive. Arriving in Patagonia, will they cope with three long days in the saddle?
The movie by Ruslan Akun, Peregon (Cattle Drive), has been included into a contest of fiction short films of the 10th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival, the press service of the Kyrgyzstan's Cinematography Department said on September 2.
It tells the story of an Englishwoman who leads a cattle drive across Australia, as the country enters into the Second World War.
The pair don't exactly hit it off, but they soon realise they need each other and set off on a cattle drive across the Northern Territory.
The Caldwell 140th Anniversary Celebration, and Kansas 150th Anniversary Cattle Drive will be held in Caldwell, from September 3 to 5, 2011, and includes concerts by the Diamond W Wranglers and Border Bandits, and live entertainment from local performers.
The late 19th-century cattle drive from Texas to Montana was filled with the trials and tribulations of subduing the frontier West.
l North America - see the Grand Canyon on horseback, the Redwood Coast, the Rocky Mountains in Canada, visit a working ranch or do a cattle drive in Colorado or Montana, or a Renegade Ride in Wyoming.
Wednesday The Tall Men C4 12.35pm Western, starring Clark Gable as a Civil War veteran working on a cattle drive who falls for the same woman as his boss, leading to fierce rivalry.