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a freight car for transporting cattle

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If you paid $6,000, or even just $3,000, to get you out of harm's way, what would you think of that cattle car company?
I lost my footing while charging out of the cattle car and belly-flopped onto the ground.
Food was not provided, and water fell through the holes and cracks in the cattle car in the form of snow.
something special, out the door to a waiting cattle car.
They were loaded onto a cattle car with other deportees; journeyed for three weeks without food heat or information about their fate; and were dumped on the Siberian Plain.
As Germany lost ground and the Russian army moved into Poland, the family fled in a cattle car to Bavaria, where Maria Shalikashvili had relatives.
It consists of a locomotive, coal car, passenger car, freight car and cattle car.
Brener's mother, a tiny gray-haired woman with alert brown eyes and a keen memory, is now 83, but she was 20 in late May of 1944 when she and her parents, a brother and two sisters were forced to abandon their farm in Horincovo -- it was then in Czechoslovakia but now is a part of the Ukraine -- and squeezed into a cattle car with other Jewish people on a train that took them to Auschwitz.
My grandmother was a nurse there, Esther was a midwife, and they had both seen the transport women throwing their babies through the bars of cattle car windows.
They want to feel like a person traveling in comfort, not livestock crammed in a cattle car.
The visual blackout which the fourteen-year-old boy experienced during the war is paralleled by a muffling of sounds, by sounds and words which he is not allowed to hear, such as the signal of BBC radio from an adjoining room or the faint human voices emanating from a cattle car, begging for water.
Delegates were particularly concerned about the conditions under which livestock were transported to slaughterhouses and called on cattlemen and railroad companies to develop a cattle car that would provide facilities for water and food.
Tony Rust's set designs took us easily to the play's nine scenes, from a front lawn in Cincinnati to a New York City ballroom, and from scenes in a Pullman car to a circus tent to the interior of a cattle car.
In 1944, the Mozes family was taken to a Jewish ghetto and in May of that year they were taken to Auschwitz in a cattle car, stuffed like sardines and malnourished during the long journey.