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a freight car for transporting cattle

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The women in that queue would wind up being transported on a cattle car to another concentration camp near Frankfurt, where they were forced to do manual labor, lifting cement bags at an airport construction site.
The cattle car is also an important part of what you see here because it is a symbol of that last journey, that people took to their deaths.
He noted that the cattle car had come full circle-from being an ordinary rail car, to becoming a tool for death--and now in Houston it had become "a symbol to teach and to remind the world what can happen when hatred, prejudice and discrimination go unchecked.
When his mother was called to the cattle car, he ran after the train just to say goodbye, but he could not.
Bernard Lichtenberg (a German diocesan priest who died a prisoner in a cattle car on a train going to Dachau in 1943, beatified in 1996), Blessed Karl Leisner (ordained in Dachau by French bishop Gabriel Piquet, a fellow prisoner, who died in 1945, beatified in 1996), as well as others.
The visual blackout which the fourteen-year-old boy experienced during the war is paralleled by a muffling of sounds, by sounds and words which he is not allowed to hear, such as the signal of BBC radio from an adjoining room or the faint human voices emanating from a cattle car, begging for water.
We who have never been holed up with our families in a secret annex for more than a year, worried that should someone make too much noise, we might be found out - and packed into a cattle car.
You might walk in front of an SS man by accident, and your life would be over," recalled Lenie de Jong-van Naarden, who travelled in the same cattle car to Auschwitz as the Frank family.
There are genuine laughs as Guido pretends to translate Nazi commands into Italian for the prisoners, but our anxiety is intense, especially since Dora had jumped into a cattle car in order to join her family and is occasionally seen in the women's section of the prison.
Rena Drexler was a young 14 when she jumped off a cattle car at Auschwitz in 1941 with her seven sisters and six brothers, clinging to the apron of her mother, Rose.
The bishop stood in front of a cattle car that has been placed as a memorial in a town park Experts estimate that 75,000 Jews passed through the Drancy camp on their way to Nazi death camps.
After a long trip in a cattle car and a drafty train in which she dodged bullets during aerial attacks, without news of her husband, Ibi made it to Austria only to live as an outcast.
BRIO's popular wooden railway line provides the theme for the exhibit -- children will enjoy activities on, in and around a giant-sized engine, cattle car and caboose.
Lory Cahn recalls being pulled out of a Kindertransport train window by the father who just couldn't let her go - and the later cattle car ride to Auschwitz he had no power to prevent.