cattle boat

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a cargo ship for the transport of livestock

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We hitchhiked ("bummed our way" we used to say) to Montreal and found we couldn't get on a cattle boat without paying out our last $15 each to the captain.
Now, my great-great-grandfather did not starve in Ireland, nor did his son immigrate to the United States on a cattle boat, so that I could watch any part of my federal tax payment morph into a tithe for James Dobson, Pat Robertson or Sun Myung Moon.
I had come over from Ireland on a cattle boat, in search of my brother who I hadn't seen since I was 10 years old.
The boat was what we called the cattle boat because it also carried cattle, which were then dropped off at Birkenhead before the boat arrived at Liverpool docks.
The immigrants used to come in the cattle boat which would dock in Birkenhead to let the cattle off.
Monolulu arrived in Britain on a cattle boat in 1902 and was a British turf fixture from 1920, when he correctly predicted Spion Kop as the Derby winner.
The cattle boats were taken over by the Admiralty as they had low freeboards and straight-sided hulls so survivors could more easily climb up rescue nets.
The cheap travellers' friend, Micheal O'Leary, chief executive of Ryanair, is thinking of ever more wizard wheezes to make his Irish Airbuses resemble a flying version of conditions on old Irish cattle boats.
There are cattle boats, a term also used in former times for some Irish Sea ferry-boats and submarines of any size are referred to as boats.
From the cattle boats going to the Saudi Arabian port of Jizan to the cargo dhows and container ships coming from Dubai, India, Pakistan and Indonesia, all are under threat.