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Synonyms for cattiness

malevolence by virtue of being malicious or spiteful or nasty

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The Paradise Dance Academy sees its fair share of cattiness and rivalry among students, reminiscent of competition shows.
People (ladies) are just happy to be there, and maybe I'm wrong but there didn't seem to be the kind of cattiness (if any) that I had experienced at similar events in different parts of the UK!
An indication that the venom and cattiness was not simply one way came when Guinness recalled a clash in 1983, when Olivier either failed or feigned not to recognise his wife at a party.
Karen also appreciates the friend" ships she has with her GLAMOROUSco-presenters, and insisted: "Thereis no rivalry or cattiness at all.
And she gets sucked into the world of the catwalk and cattiness.
She also tells women that it's OK to ask for help." The show also proves that two women can work together without any cattiness, Harmon adds.
High school is not a place for the faint of heart, and surviving its cattiness and drama constitute a real battle.
The Disney princesses get a reality-TV makeover, and the ideals of beauty and wealth come crashing down in a heap of cattiness and booze.
A lot of the cattiness in fourth- and fifth-graders is a test of relationships and what information they can and cannot share.
A lot of the cattiness in fourth and fifth graders is a test of relationships and what information they can and cannot share.
What ensues is a battle of cattiness that I am hoping all women don't really resort to.
These shows pay huge amounts of attention to cattiness and bad behavior between the bride and other women in the bridal party or competition.
"You lose some of the cattiness as you get older and more secure," Anne continues.