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Synonyms for catty

Synonyms for catty

any of various units of weight used in southeastern Asia (especially a Chinese measure equal to 500 grams)

marked by or arising from malice

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Dedee cattily made Michelle seem dull by revealing, `She's smart, cautious and shy, whereas I'm wild and outrageous and talk before I think.
You really know it when one friend whispers cattily about another that she's had ``a little work done.
The unstoppable advancement of the power girls led Russian-born glamour puss Kournikova to cattily deride her rivals by saying: "I hate my muscles.
That is true, and one can't help but think of the sixteen Chinese artists Szeemann has gathered for his show - even if a number of them, as it was cattily noted, have already left China and moved to such art centers as New York and Paris.
Cheryl said, somewhat cattily we think: "We're not trying to be R&B based - besides, they're about 10 years older than us.
She has been feuding with Christina, 22, since cattily mimicking her on the reality show.
Co-star Nick Freedman, who played her on-screen boyfriend, brands her "a silly little redhead", cattily saying: "The best bit was when I had to act blind because I didn't have to see her.
You could get a baby hippo in them bloomers," she snaps cattily.