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any of various units of weight used in southeastern Asia (especially a Chinese measure equal to 500 grams)

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I was brought up in Morayshire in northern Scotland, and around the early 1940s was introduced to cattie and doggie by my father who hailed from Aberdeenshire, and he played it as a boy circa 1900.
Alternating chapters from Denn, Cattie, and fellow player Jimbo's points of view give readers different perspectives on the action, which mostly revolves around poker hands and reading "tells," the subtle signs players look for in each other in order to decide what cards to play.
"Cattie's injury cost us dearly because he played superbly after putting behind him his three missed kicks at Old Trafford last week," moaned Woodward, who thought his side were heading for victory when they chalked up the first 11 points.
The Maubara regent brought 370 catties worth, (50) whereas the others offered amounts varying between 20 and 97 catties.
In March of this year, it was fined NT$1 million by the NCC for failing to check the veracity of a report last month that 2 million catties (1.2 million kilograms) of pomelos had been discarded by farmers into a nearby reservoir.
Contrary to the popular wisdom that all catties are bottom feeders, sail cats--unlike their cousins the hardhead catfish--feed throughout the water column.
The supply of domestic water becomes scarce in almost all catties of the country but the local government departments turns a deaf ear and blind eye to this basic necessity of the people.
Dogs, catties (sic), pigs, they must all go.' It remains unclear as to where these animals will 'go'.
Cat Advent Calendar, PS9.95, Lily's Kitchen Says it's for catties, but try explaining to Mog that you can only open the correct door on the correct day.
(57.) In Heian Japan, one ku was equal to sixteen "ounces" (ryd) and one moji was equal to two "catties" (kin); see Ryo no gige, "Fueki ryo".
While recovering in the hospital, the injured man and his family are offered a meal that contains apples, a luxury that the man reminds his children "cost[s] as much as four catties of rice" (156).
As such, they normally were paid about 1,000 catties of unhusked rice per year and board and room if they owned no home.
Cat Roberts She launched her business, Catties Cakes, after collecting a pounds 1,000 bursary from enterprise group Llwyddo'n Lleol to help buy new equipment.