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thick spicy sauce made from tomatoes

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The attraction is a uniquely design 170 foot water tower constructed in 1949 for a local catsup bottling plant for Brooks Catsup.
La viscosidad del catsup se puede estudiar utilizando metodos para determinar sus propiedades fundamentales con un reometro rotacional, y sus propiedades empiricas mediante el consistometro de Bostwick y la copa de Ford.
Tomato ketchup, also known as catsup, is gaining popularity.
This glucose can come from a number of places--a candy bar, a glass of orange juice, non-diet soft drinks, donuts, catsup (the second most constituent of catsup is some sort of sugar [sugar cane, corn syrup etc.]).
Many packaged foods, such as certain brands of catsup, bread, and peanut butter, tout "No High Fructose Corn Syrup." What exactly is this infamous sweetener?
Upper Peninsula pasty purists cringe at the thought, while smothering their own with catsup.)
Red Duck Foods, maker of Red Duck catsup and other organic condiments, was selected by the audience for the "People's Choice" award.
But it does explain why I was misinformed about the grossness of Britain's ketchup -- or catsup, which was the originally preferred American spelling -- before my travels there in 2010.
From Chestnut Soup with Bacon; Glazed Orange-Scented Parsnips; Sour Cream Coffee Cake; and Vermont Apple-Cider Doughnuts; to Blackberry Cobbler; Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll; Grape Catsup; and One-Week Ginger Beer, these 'time lost' dishes will grace any family meal and celebratory dining occasion.
While the stops on the 2014 tour remain as yet under wraps, Pemsler anticipates a similar journey to the 22,000-mile trek the truck made last year, which included visits to the Kentucky Derby Parade, the World's Largest Catsup Bottle and the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.
In every diner there was tomato catsup. The bottles placed about an arm's length apart.
Two Hundred Cases of Adulterated Tomato Catsup. In that 1914 case, the conviction of a ketchup manufacturer over "decomposed and adulterated" ketchup was upheld, though the court conceded there was no proof the ketchup would have been harmful to the health of the consumer.
Daulter's dinner options tend to be familiar -- linguini, barbeque chicken, French onion soup -- but she puts a fresh spin on them; for example, including chia seeds and homemade catsup in the BBQ chicken recipe.
Other common ingredients include salt, pepper, minced garlic or garlic powder, one to three eggs, onions (raw chopped or grated or sauteed in olive oil) and catsup (anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 cup).