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Synonyms for cat's-paw

a person used or controlled by others

Synonyms for cat's-paw

a person used by another to gain an end

a hitch in the middle of rope that has two eyes into which tackle can be hooked

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They make no scruples," he went on to say, "in setting one tribe against another, using the stronger as a catspaw to obtain the ivory from the weaker"--real world actions directly prefiguring those of fictional Kurtz.
It would conjure memories of Cold War-esque catspaw foreign policy.
139) There not so every passion as tactic as filmic sentience as cynic's catspaw as drone foil as tailor's chalk as what one gets as one another as one get's through as municipal negligence as normal kid rash as an unidentified dominant life form as you as in sticking the ivories--that is, most gone suckered, deboned and unbidden.
175) The Democrat Frank Ziebach worried that he would be accused of "being used as a catspaw to rake the chestnuts out of the fire for the Republican monkey.
The new Ethiopian government, now not communist but a catspaw of the West, is in a state of perpetual war with its neighbours, by proxy in the Sudan and, as a proxy for Britain and the US, in Somalia.
The Unionidae (Mollusca:Bivalvia) of the Walhonding River, Coshocton County, Ohio, including a survey for the Catspaw (Epioblasma obliquata obliquata) and the Fanshcll (Cyprogenia stegaria).
But in the last stanza of "The swimmers" it is the whole community who share the unspoken guilt and the dead man is not passed off as a catspaw of interfering liberals:
When Ellison turns to the question of why the Dardanelles campaign decision was made, his chapter titles, "The Catspaw," "Sanhedrim Control," and "Past Warnings" are telling, but his arguments become weaker and not without flaw or bias.
His removal in 362 was prompted by his refusal to act as pagan emperor Julian's catspaw in fomenting Christian infighting.
Many Iraqis see SCIRI as an Iranian catspaw, and it has only localized support within Iraq.
As a catspaw of government with no natural rights accorded a natural person, UPS has to stop violating the rights of gun owners.
Business leaders purchased scores of newspaper advertisements urging readers to "STAND BY AMERICA," "SHOW UP THE RED AGITATOR FOR WHAT HE IS," and "BEWARE THE AGITATOR WHO MAKES LABOR A CATSPAW FOR BOLSHEVISM.
Simply stated, and in the light of real unvarnished reality, Israel is an expansionist power, pursuing control on its own terms; most of the time, this strategy also coincides with Israel's role as catspaw for the US.
Love me tender, with catspaw footsteps, let me walk all over you.
Limited Tenders are invited for Amc Of Datawall At Catspaw