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any of various gems (as chrysoberyl or chalcedony) that reflect light when cut in a rounded shape

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At that time we had a glut of carrots, so our then wartime Minister of Food persuaded Catseyes to credit eating carrots which improved his night vision.
The Catseyes store energy using solar panels which is then used to power tiny LED lights.
Catseyes - that's the registered name - have been acclaimed as the greatest contribution ever to road safety and it all happened because Percy nearly drove off the top of a moorland road on a foggy night in the 1930s and only braked in time after his headlights were reflected by the eyes of a cat sitting on a fence.
For example, Catseyes tend to feature a larger objective lens when compared to other scopes of the same power raring which aids in light-gathering ability.
The outgoing head of road policing at the Association of Chief Police Officers believes the modified catseyes would lead to a clampdown on boy racers and joyriders.
As a junior transport minister in the Atlee government of the late 1940s it was his battle with civil servants that eventually led to Catseyes being installed on Britain's roads.
Q WHO invented Catseyes and how did they get their name?
In an interview, Mr Brunstrom, pictured right, suggested hiding cameras in catseyes and even building a cell block for drivers over one of Britain's busiest road tunnels.
Q WHO i nvented Catseyes and how did they get their name?
Modern Catseyes are rigid plastic studs, as opposed to Shaw's invention which he designed so they could depress when a car drove over them so they were cleaned by the rainwater caught in them.
Just two hours of sunlight is sufficient to give them power to last for up to 10 days and they're visible for ten times as far as the old Catseyes.
Conversations with the former cricketer on farming, wind farms, red kites and the inventor of catseyes were punctuated with donations, cheering crowds and trays of sandwiches, chocolate and oranges.