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a cypriniform fish of the family Catostomidae

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construction of dams and sills poses a dominant threat to catostomids (Douglas and Jordan, 2002; Cooke et al.
As expected, catostomids and percids were the first families to be present in the drift, followed by cyprinids, centrarchids, and ictalurids as the summer progressed (Table 1).
As with the cyprinid fossils, these catostomid specimens were not identified to genus due to their fragmentary nature.
Tetraploidy and the evolution of the catostomid fishes.
Materials for a revision of the catostomid fishes of eastern North America.
Six catostomid species, all native, composed 1% of the catch.
The razorback sucker (Xyrauchen texanus) is a large, riverine catostomid endemic to the Colorado River Basin.
Mutton Creek was dominated by centrarchid and catostomid species.
Life histories of two species of catostomid fishes in Sixteenmile Lake, British Columbia, with particular reference to inlet stream spawning.
Several catostomid species have overlapping spatial distributions in eastern North America and have been documented spawning in similar mesohabitats, generally selecting shallow gravel and cobble riffles in rivers and streams (Green el al.
Morphology and foods of Arizona catostomid fishes: Catostomus insiginis, Pantosteus clarki, and their putative hybrids.
Catostomid fish larvae and early juveniles of the upper Colorado river basin--morphological descriptions, comparisons, and computer-interactive key.
Catostomid spawning migrations and late-summer fish assemblages in Lower Muddy Creek, an intermittent watershed in southern Carbon County, Wyoming.