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branch of optics dealing with formation of images by mirrors

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(40) This effect appears as the last proof in the Catoptrics attributed to Euclid.
Catoptrics is a branch of science concerned with what?
The Pharos, the lighthouse in ancient Alexandria on top of which an enormous mirror was positioned with which one was able to see enemy ships from far away (and to set them on fire), is perhaps the most familiar incarnation of legendary telescopic catoptrics, but translated in Latin as late as 1575, it was preceded by various medieval versions of the same device.
The surface of some prepared specimens was polished for the catoptrics observation of optical microscope.
As with Boyle and many others, Kircher also invited Evelyn "into his owne study, where he with Dutch patience showed us his perpetual motions, Catoptrics, Magnetical experiments, Modells, and a thousand other crotchets and devises." The already legendary Jesuit vied with the architectural and cultural sights of Rome as a major attraction for Englishmen abroad, while in general Evelyn noted other conventional interests for Protestant English travellers such as the state of the churches and religious orders on the Continent, the galley slaves at Marseilles, the self-flagellation of Romans on Good Friday (Easter was when foreigners and particularly Britons flocked to Rome) and the Chi va li custom of the gun-toting students at Padua.(11)