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of or relating to catoptrics


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Godwin's novelistic treatment of things as they are cannot be called dispassionate, but the full title of Caleb Williams makes a claim to objectivity that promises a catoptric investigation into the case of Romantic Britain.
(One would have thought the more obvious choice for prime undergrad recognition would have been Illuminations, but the catoptric play of Reflections no doubt proved too tempting.) Such lighthearted moments, which suffuse the whole video, leaven the conspicuous "criticality" and prevent the work from growing unctuous or didactic.
the catoptric relation in which, as a consequence of the bending or
The first, a specially fabricated cylindrical lens that enabled "catoptric anamorphous," that is, a process whereby a viewer, looking through the lens, sees a coherent image emerging artificially out of a number--a multitude--of fragments drawn on a sheet of paper.
"The Double Image" is intensely catoptric. The arrangement of the poem's seven sections represents a near-perfect symmetry of action.
That prompted the conservators to look at other paintings and watercolors, and led them to conclude that Eakins employed "some kind of projection technique"--a magic lantern, which proj ects glass transparencies, or a catoptric lamp, which projects photographic prints, or perhaps both.