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Synonyms for catnip

hairy aromatic perennial herb having whorls of small white purple-spotted flowers in a terminal spike

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Instead of an insert, Catnip uses a card stock wrap on the 24-page newsletter.
They note catnip may increase menstrual flow, so it should not be used by pregnant women because of the possibility of spotting.
Literature suggests that white sage (Salvia apiana), calendula (Calendula officinalis), lemon catnip (Nepeta cataria ssp.
The obituarist noted: "He was like catnip to many of his female clients; one came to his tent at night only to find her daughter already in possession.
You can grow catnip in your garden or in a container, starting it either from seed or from cuttings of another catnip plant.
Iowa State University researchers Chris Peterson and Joel Coats report that cockroaches are repelled by two forms of the chemical nepetalactone found in the catnip plant.
Without a doubt, Martha had a way with blood, a certain deliberate taste for tragedy, and those Greek bloodbaths proved catnip to a choreographer who could always see the skull beneath the skin.
That is, I was sitting, he was lying on the floor, limp as an abandoned marionette, looking as mournful as only Jack could when he was completely out of dope, having exhausted even such tried-and-true bummers as catnip and oregano.
Directly after the hearings, Tipper Gore claimed, "We don't want to restrict artistic expression," but her cause was catnip to governmental censors.
The condo, covered in blue carpet, was thoughtfully treated with catnip.
For long-lasting independent play, a teaser or "fuzzy" can be sprayed with catnip oil.
AddJackson Galaxy Organic Catnip , made and packaged in the USA, to the pouch whenever the scent diminishes to promote tooth, gum and digestive health.
OK, I'm an amateur and I obviously need to gen up fast and buy some kind of catnip for birds so they flock in from far and wild.
com)-- Big Apple Pet Supply has added KONG Refillable Catnip Beaver Cat Toy to their extensive discount inventory.