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Synonyms for catnap

a brief sleep

to sleep for a brief period

Synonyms for catnap

sleeping for a short period of time (usually not in bed)

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Kittens growing into cats / Strong and nimble acrobats / Chasing mice and rats away, / Taking catnaps through the day.
His catnaps came to a head when he dropped off during a talk by local youngsters about their charity work in Romania.
The former is about little girl who finds new ways to delay bedtime 7/8 and just about everything else 7/8 while the latter concerns a mom and dad latching onto coffee and catnaps to keep up with their child.
Although they may catch catnaps when they're not needed at a bedside, these interns develop fatigue that can pose risks to them and to their patients.
Well, you don't sleep but maybe 1-2 hours a day, and it's mostly 15 minute catnaps.
Pillow Tux Evening wear with an inflatable pillow in the collar, for catnaps as the ceremony drags into the wee hours.
She has little catnaps of around twenty minutes, one in the morning and one at night.
You try sharing a delicious, summer fantasy of deck chairs and books and catnaps and G and Ts with a handful of sparrows and a cotoneaster.
Even in the horrible conditions on the way to Gibraltar, or the unexpected discomfort of the Red Sea, it was always possible to catch a few catnaps, if not a decent period of sleep.
She sniffs each one, nurses a few at a time, plays with them and catnaps before leaving to hunt again.
Hes had to make several navigational adjustments, so hes only been able to catch catnaps.
Not too long ago, I read that catnaps at work were being endorsed by a group called The Better Sleep Council.
However, to lessen the symptoms of jet lag, it is best to only take catnaps on long flights, as one should frequently drink nonalcoholic fluids to combat the excessive dryness inside the plane and also should walk occasionally around the cabin to lessen body fatigue and stimulate the circulation.
A long 19-inch-high built-in bench on one wall of the sunroom has a 4-inch foam pad that makes it a great spot for sunny catnaps.
catnaps, says Hartse, that's usually not a problem.