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a cylindrical spikelike inflorescence


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Mr Lund said: "The Catkin Way unit was an ideal acquisition for us as it has the potential to be subdivided into a range of units that can be tailored to meet specific occupier requirements, especially those with a need for craneage.
This winter we have planted about 20 species of catkin bearing trees such as willow, birch and alder, ensuring a mix of species that produce some spectacular results.
Although catkin types survive better than twig types, the twig-like caterpillars probably maintain their evolutionary foothold because they allow the species to produce a second yearly brood, Greene suggests in the Feb.
THE fourth annual sale of heifers from the Bailea Limousin herd of father and son Brian and Matthew Jones, Senny, Sennybridge, Brecon, Powys got the 2009 Limousin Sales calendar off to a strong start at Carlisle with the maiden heifer Bailea Catkin selling for 22,000gns.
This spring and summer Foale knitwear with its immaculate detail and tailoring come pretty in pink, silver, catkin, softest butter and vanilla.
Nobody had the heart to tell her that what she'd caught was a hazel catkin.
With their pale bark and delicate leaves, they keep on giving in winter with catkins that bear their seeds.
Eye-catching black willow, Salix gracilistyla 'Melanostachys', bears dark catkins with red anthers along vivid mahogany branches.
THERE are all sorts of signs to show that the seasons are changing if Mother Nature is an accurate barometer; as snowdrops, hazel catkins and even ladybirds and butterflies have been recorded across the UK on the Woodland Trust's Nature's Calendar website.
Already we have had hazel with the long catkins, and the pussy willows with their furry buds.
Spring feels like it's on its way, as the first catkins are already out.
It is known as the tassel tree because of its creamy grey catkins that hang like tassels from the branches in winter.
ENJOY nuts from this shrub in autumn and yellow catkins in spring.