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a cylindrical spikelike inflorescence


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Jonathan Simpson, director of Connect Property North East, the property agent on the scheme, said: "The sale to Swift Timber Homes and letting to Midland Steel are two excellent additions to the Catkin Way site and demonstrates Prospect Estates' ongoing commitment to investing and bringing back to life former redundant and vacant industrial complexes.
In contrast, the medium-size trees offer good catkin and seed pod crops within easy reach of the tree trunk, where the bears' weight is safely supported.
This winter we have planted about 20 species of catkin bearing trees such as willow, birch and alder, ensuring a mix of species that produce some spectacular results.
greater than or equal to]10% of tree canopies), were haphazardly chosen from each tree, and the following features were measured: number of short shoots bearing female catkins, mean catkin mass, seed mass, number of long shoots, number of long shoots bearing male catkins, and average length of long shoots.
One minute the garden seemed drab with winter, its dripping leaves, its frost-browned greens; the next, spiking fingers were covered with cottoncandy blossoms, new leaves were golden-green and young with spring, and the pussy willow bore more furry catkins than I had ever seen.
Although catkin types survive better than twig types, the twig-like caterpillars probably maintain their evolutionary foothold because they allow the species to produce a second yearly brood, Greene suggests in the Feb.
The hazel is wind pollinated, so the pollen from the catkins is blown to the delicate female flowers.
Styles that may be affected are: Forget-me-not, Snapdragon, Cutie, Demi, BeeBee, Bric-a-Brac, Dickory, Sprog, Tiddler, Sing-a-long, Crawley, Snuggly and Catkin.
The year when this study began (1988) was a poor catkin year; hence, we had fewer short shoots in this part of the study than in the vegetative short-shoot experiment.
The first report, from Southampton, on October 27, was the earliest recording of catkin appearance since the year 2000 and four months before the average date for hazel flowering of March 2.
Jonathan Simpson, director of Connect Property North East, the letting and sale agent for the site, said: "The new letting is testament to Prospects Estates' ongoing commitment to Catkin Way and the significant refurbishment they have carried out.
The former Saint Gobain Glass Factory on Greenfield Industrial Estate, Catkin Way, Bishop Auckland, is an industrial complex comprising 16,322sq m (175,701sq ft) of industrial buildings on a 3.
Firefighters were called to a semi-detached property on Catkin Walk in Rugeley just before midday on Monday after the occupants, who were already waiting outside, raised the alarm.
Peredur Wyn-Powell told how he saw Mr Morgan, 17, a St Cyres School pupil, of Catkin Drive, Penarth, "wobbling slightly" before the impact and how a passing paramedic went straight to his aid before the ambulance arrived.
I recently came across some quirky cork-backed melamine versions designed by Gillian Blease, available to buy from a gorgeous e-store called Catkin Collection which you can find at www.