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a positively charged ion

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Presence of ionogenic groups in structure of received cation-exchange resin was also investigated by IR-spectroscopical method.
Research of kinetic properties of cation-exchange resin
2+] on received phosphate cation-exchange resin (Tursunov, Mirkamilov, and Nazirova, 1995).
Sharma, "Reaction of Ethanol and Formaldehyde: use of Versatile Cation-Exchange Resins as Catalyst in Batch Reactors and Reactive Distillation Columns," React.
Sharma, "Acetalization of Ethylene Glycol with Formaldehyde using Cation-Exchange Resins as Catalysts: Batch Versus Reactive Distillation," React.
For ESI-MS samples, we prepared a stock solution by diluting the whole blood 50-fold with water and desalting the stock solution by mixing with ~5 mg of AG 50W-X8 cation-exchange resin (Bio-Rad).
Strong acidic cation-exchange resins widely used for water softening, water demineralization, metal separations, acid catalysis, and so forth contain sulfonic acid (--S[O.
Macroporous strong acidic cation-exchange resins, derived by sulfonation of acetone-washed or without acetone-washed St-DVB base copolymer synthesized by using n-heptane/toluene as diluents, show no difference with respect to ion-exchange capacity, leachable organics, and other characteristics.
Dalal RC (1985) Comparative prediction of yield response and phosphorus uptake from soil using anion-and cation-exchange resins.