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a positively charged ion

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Pharmacology of vanilloid transient receptor potential cation channels. Mol.
(2005) Accumulation of free ADP-ribose from mitochondria mediates oxidative stress-induced gating of TRPM2 cation channels. J.
Pellizza et al.," Functional diversity of secreted cestode Kunitz proteins: inhibition of serine peptidases and blockade of cation channels," PLoS Pathogens, vol.
The mammalian degenerin MDEG, an amiloride-sensitive cation channel activated by mutations causing neurodegeneration in Caenorhabditis elegans.
However, emerging results have demonstrated that other proteins can also be nitrosylated, such as, calcium-activated potassium channels (45), cyclic nucleotide activated cation channels (46), and hyperpolarizing activated and cyclic nucleotide gated cation channels (47).
Stimulators of eryptosis include [Ca.sup.2+] entry through [Ca.sup.2+]-permeable cation channels (Foller et al.
CatSper (cation channels of sperm) ion channels are responsible for the effect of the progesterone.
Their data revealed that CCR5-binding ("RS") gp120 and CXCR4-binding ("X4") gp120 trigger a multitude of ion channel responses, including activation of Cl-channels, [Ca.sup.++] channels (in conjunction with the release of [Ca.sup.++] from intracellular stores), nonselective cation channels, and [Ca.sup.++]-activated [K.sup.+] channels.
In guinea-pig ileum the contraction elicited by high potassium is due to influx of extracellular calcium into the muscle cell via voltage-dependent calcium channels (Bolton, 1979), and was completely inhibited by diltiazem, whereas ACh-induced responses may instead involve activation of non-selective cation channels (Chen et al., 1993).