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Synonyms for catholicon

something believed to cure all human disorders

Synonyms for catholicon

hypothetical remedy for all ills or diseases

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In the preface, the qualities of the drug called Catholicon are extolled.
1212), and John of Genoa's Catholicon (a simplified version of Uguccione's dictionary, dated 1286), all of which earn references in the second draft of the Leys d'Amors as, respectively, the 'Derivayre', the 'Grecisme', and, in the second redaction, the 'Catholicon' (Anglade, i, 137; Gatien-Arnoult, III, 264).
All of it strives to include the graceful therapeutic panacea that baseball is, to player and fan alike, oh the diamond's elixir, the catholicon of it all
For the more obscure "dwarf" definition, confer the Catholicon Anglicum: "A Crepyll: hic tantillus [cp.
El significado establecido en el Catholicon por Johannes Balbus resulta, sin embargo, mucho mas sugestivo para el analisis del "Curioso.
Here belong Richard Rolle, The Pricke oj Conscience, The York Plays, Catholicon Anglicum, Barbour's Bruce and essentially also Towneley Plays (1 NIM : 209 YAK).
Cette etude se propose de presenter des temoins de l'attention portee a la graphie du latin, c'est-a-dire les traites qui, au moins depuis le Catholicon, acheve par Jean Balbi de Genes en 1286, sont attribues a un grammairien nomme Apuleius et qui ensuite, au XVe siecle, sont connus sous les titres De nota aspirationis et De diphthongis parmi les humanistes italiens qui s'occupaient de grammaire et d'orthographe latines (comme Niccolo Perotti, Nestore Avogadro, Pomponio Leto, Giovanni Tortelli, Cristoforo Scarpa, Giovanni Gioviano Pontano).
In Brittany, of course, the tradition of Breton literature would continue to have a long history, perhaps assisted by the publication of Jean Lagadeuc's Catholicon, the first Breton-French lexicon, printed by Jehan Calvez at Treguier in 1499.
Mylonas, "Le plan initial du catholicon de la Grande-Lavra au Mont-Athos et la genese du type du catholicon athonite," Cahiers archeologiques 32 (1984): 89-112.