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cause to adopt Catholicism

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A decade ago, critics Terence Brown and Tim Armstrong suggested that MacGreevy was engaged in an explicit project to Catholicize modernism, and that this was by and large an aberrant performance exiled from the main stage of the movement and fated to signify little?
I was, I suppose, on the alert for such images because I had been following the Church's attempts to Christianize, or, more exactly, Catholicize, Auschwitz (which followed similar attempts to Communize and nationalize the camp in earlier decades).
Ferdinand was openly pro-Catholic, and during his rule there were attempts to Catholicize the Bulgarian
The Anglican religious establishment, with overwhelming public support, grew bold and even brazen in resisting the King's efforts to Catholicize the nation and his attempts to repeal the civil disability laws that kept Catholics out of positions of power.
41) One of Bale's strategies for representing this threat is to link private use of manuscripts to monastic practices: that is, he Catholicizes the private use of manuscripts.