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Synonyms for Catholic

Synonyms for Catholic

so pervasive and all-inclusive as to exist in or affect the whole world

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processes that confront anyone who attempts to see Catholically in any
In fact, that which travels under the appellation "downtown dance" typically speaks the language of contemporary art, so perhaps it makes sense to speak more catholically about "contemporary dance"--leaving behind banal geographic modifiers for the endgames of interdisciplinarity.
Even scientists do not know more about their subject--everything else is left to experiments or the experience of miracles, to put it catholically" (184).
Haughey stated "a Catholic school is only as Catholic as its faculty think and teach catholically" (1997, p.
In De profundis Oscar Wilde catholically expressed his sadness at the vitiated nature of his lover, whose mischief eventually led to the writer's imprisonment.