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Synonyms for Catholic

Synonyms for Catholic

so pervasive and all-inclusive as to exist in or affect the whole world

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Anything less, and the concept of practicing history Catholically (and,
Through it all, Sampedro's sister-in-law Manuela (Mabel Rivera) quietly tends to the quadriplegic's every creature need and subtly supports his death-wish campaign, even though her husband and Ramon's older brother, Jose (Celso Bugallo), is quite Catholically against it.
In De profundis Oscar Wilde catholically expressed his sadness at the vitiated nature of his lover, whose mischief eventually led to the writer's imprisonment.
Not because he's Catholically challenged, worse than that, because he is a lawyer.
suggests that Christian ecumenism needs to look beyond its own intra-ecclesial dialogues to become more catholically interreligious.