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a negatively charged electrode that is the source of electrons entering an electrical device

the positively charged terminal of a voltaic cell or storage battery that supplies current

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Cyclic voltammograms at 40 mV [s.sup.-1] of 30 [micro]mol [L.sup.-1] AML and 50 [micro]mol [L.sup.-1] ATOR in BR buffer solution (pH 3.0) using (solid line) anodically and (dashed line) cathodically pretreated BDD electrode.
Sherif, "Corrosion behavior of duplex stainless steel alloy cathodically modified with minor ruthenium additions in concentrated sulfuric acid solutions," International Journal of Electrochemical Science, vol.
When the ICCP system is up and running, the reference electrodes will provide data to show that this is the case, demonstrating that corrosion cannot be initiated and the steel will remain cathodically protected.
When swept cathodically, PDTOFV showed a reduction peak at -1.2 V with an onset reduction potential of -0.92V.
Cuprous oxide films were cathodically electrodeposited from 0.4 M copper sulfate (98% anhydrous) and 3M lactic acid (85% aqueous solution).
The cross-cut area was exposed in 3.5% NaCl solution at room temperature and then cathodically polarized at -1.5 V for 24 h using saturated calomel (SCE) and a graphite rod as reference and counter electrodes, respectively, by a PAR versaSTAT MC instrument.
In practice, the procurement cost differential between a basic single-wall (cathodically protected) steel tank and a non-corroding double-wall composite (fiberglass-steel) tank at standard size is approximately $2,600-$3,000; the latter carry 30-year manufacturer warranties against corrosion.
The ambient cathodically generated nucleophiles alkylate at both carbon and oxygen and the competition is crucially dependent on the cation (tetra-butylammonium ion or lithium ion).
In the presence of moisture and an electric field, electrolytic metal migration occurs when metal ions migrate to a cathodically (negatively) charged surface and form dendrites.
Firstly, the metal is cleaned using cathodically generated hydrogen, which removes the aggressive surface foulant characteristic of ALWC.
Hence on steel that is not cathodically protected the weld-beads automatically become more active (more anodic) than the adjacent metal surfaces and subsequently become the first point of attack by corrosion in very humid or marine atmospheres.
Given that bicarbonate and hydroxyl ions react very rapidly and quantitatively to produce carbonate ion, any bicarbonate very near a cathode will be rapidly converted to carbonate ion and cathodically localized carbonate concentration will rise and approach 10,000 ppm or more.