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Antonyms for cathode

a negatively charged electrode that is the source of electrons entering an electrical device

the positively charged terminal of a voltaic cell or storage battery that supplies current

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Adhesives for bonding cathodically protected rubber to metal devices
5% NaCl solution at room temperature and then cathodically polarized at -1.
SCC is initiated under mechanical stresses and corrosion environment in construction elements of the pipeline at cathodically protected pipe surface, so it is difficult to predict.
collect sacrificial cathodically protected measurements
When the ICCP system is up and running, the reference electrodes will provide data to show that this is the case, demonstrating that corrosion cannot be initiated and the steel will remain cathodically protected.
It's becoming more common for pipelines --even cathodically protected ones--to experience external corrosion due to induced alternating current.
The potentiodynamic current-potential curves were recorded by polarizing the specimen to -250 mV cathodically and +250 mV anodically with respect to OCP at a scan rate of 1 mV [s.
One of the promising corrosion inhibiting methods for Al alloys is to use zinc or magnesium powder in the primer coatings to cathodically (sacrificially) protect the alloys.
Since 1990, natural gas utilities have installed modern plastic pipes at a rate of 30,000 miles per year and installed cathodically protected coated steel mains at 1,500 miles per year, both connecting new customers and upgrading existing pipeline infrastructure, according to AGA records.
Two (2) of the communities have steel gas lines that are cathodically protected.
The anode will cathodically protect the gas lines in case there's a problem with the coating.
Shirkhanzadeh, Direct formation of nanophase hydroxyapatite on cathodically polarized electrode.
This prevented the more noble metal from cathodically depositing on downstream coupons and creating a galvanic cell.
The method comprises cathodically conducting electrodeposition coating on an object to be coated and baking the electrodeposition coated film.