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of or at or pertaining to a cathode


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Second is numerical simulations, largely based on the boundary elements method, of cathodic protection schemes to predict and optimize their performance.
Work undertaken includes corrosion assessment and investigation, specialist surveys, recommendations for repair and corrosion prevention, design and provision of technical services for cathodic protection systems, commissioning of systems, documentation of systems, routine operation and monitoring of cathodic protection systems, fault finding, system review and rectification of systems.
The major types are cathodic epoxy, cathodic acrylic, and anodic.
Keywords Epoxy coatings, Hydrotalcite, Corrosion inhibitors, Release, Cathodic disbonding, Corrosion protection
However, restricting the path for CP current, commonly referred to as cathodic shielding, is not routinely considered one of them.
1) it is observed that Cu2+ solution is electroactive as it gives two cathodic and two anodic peaks.
Also, the county failed to provide cathodic protection for piping to a 2,500 gallon UST containing diesel fuel.
The company stated that under the contract, its range of services for cathodic protection and corrosion control services at military installations will be used mainly for fuel storage tanks and transfer pipeline assets.
As mentioned last month in the introduction to this series (CoetingsTech, p 52, September 2011), there are two different electrodeposition processes: anodic electro-deposition (AED) and cathodic electrodeposition (CED).
8220;The acquisition of Corrosion Mitigation, LLC (CM) continues our commitment to building the highest quality cathodic protection and corrosion control service company in the United States.
Hockway provides onshore and offshore cathodic protection services and manufactures a cathodic protection equipment for oil and gas operators in the Middle East.
Farwest Corrosion Control Company has patented a cathodic protection controller for steel water tank applications.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi Industry Ministry started operating two projects to produce cathodic copper and copper-based cables.
BAC Corrosion Control Ltd (BAC) provides with the insurance against these costs by designing, supplying, installing, setting to work and maintaining cost effective, efficient cathodic protection systems that will mitigate corrosion, says the company.
There are, however, few data on the behaviour of aluminium at high cathodic potentials, for both the inert and electrochemically active types.