cathode-ray tube

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a vacuum tube in which a hot cathode emits a beam of electrons that pass through a high voltage anode and are focused or deflected before hitting a phosphorescent screen

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and two affiliated with South Korean firms to pay a total of 3.32 billion yen in fines for an alleged cartel to fix prices for cathode-ray tubes for television sets.
The total production of 300 million TVs consists of 277 million cathode-ray tube TVs, 13 million plasma TVs and 10 million liquid crystal display TVs.
A cathode-ray tube TV costs about pounds 25 a year to run and accounts for 100kg of carbon dioxide emissions, whereas a plasma TV costs about pounds 100 per year and accounts for 400kg of CO2.
The closure followed a collapse in demand for television cathode-ray tubes. Production ceased last August and decommissioning started last December.
It covers traditional cathode-ray tubes (CRTs), flat CRTs, and LCD flat panels.
For PCs with cathode-ray tube monitors, consumers will be required to pay 7,000 yen, the association of electronics makers said, announcing how the recycling program will work.
The major consumer electronics and electric machinery maker said the cause of the problems was mainly insufficient soldering at the back of the cathode-ray tube.
When you hear cathode-ray tube, magnetic-receiver unit, relay-optics assembly, up-look reticule, upper helmet-vehicle interface, and a camera, it sounds like the ATs really are going to be busy.
As well as costing less, the new screen eats up much less power than a bulky cathode-ray tube, according to the New Scientist magazine.
The TFT LCD monitor is expected to start replacing traditional cathode-ray tube monitors at a rapidly increasing rate with one in every two consumers buying a monitor in Japan this year expected to choose the LCD option.
On November 5, 1895, he set his cathode-ray tube to working, and in the dimness, a flash of light that did not come from the tube caught his eye.
The company booked an extraordinary loss of 16.6 billion yen stemming from the suspension of operation of some furnaces for cathode-ray tube glass due to weakening demand.
"Durham as a historical city has a shortage of new city-centre office space and this could help that situation." Built in 1971 and extended in 1995, it was LG Philips's main UK cathode-ray tube plant.
said Wednesday they will integrate their overseas cathode-ray tube (CRT) operations in a joint company to be formed on April 1.
Cathode-ray tube (CRT)- based PC monitors continue to dominate the market, accounting for 96 percent of the 100 million PC displays shipped worldwide.