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a negatively charged electrode that is the source of electrons entering an electrical device

the positively charged terminal of a voltaic cell or storage battery that supplies current

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Our finding in the present study has shown that applying cathodal direct current at sensory threshold may upregulate the expression of VEGF in patients with DFU, especially instantaneous after application of ES.
Secondly, some pigments decrease the activity of both anodic and cathodal processes by liberating passivating ions.
Immediately after the blotting, strip was put with cellulose acetate surface upward on the wet filter paper wicks on the bridge between anodal and cathodal compartments of the electrophoresis tank.
In brief, early reports of exposing cultured neurites to applied EFs argued between enhanced cathodal outgrowth (Ingvar, 1920, 1947) and decreased anodal outgrowth (Weiss, 1934; Williams, 1936; Marsh and Beams, 1946).
showed that the cathodal ES increased the number of macrophages and fibroblast cells as compared with that in the control [15].
A linear denaturant gradient was poured parallel to the direction of electrophoresis and ranged in concentration from 0% formamide and urea at the cathodal end to 16% (v/v) formamide and 17% (w/v) urea at the anodal end.
The output consisted of fixed-amplitude, 30 [micro]A cathodal pulses, with a default width of 1.
Because sialic acid has a negative charge, the isoelectric focusing (IEF) patterns of hyposialylated Tf show, in most CDG patients, a cathodal shift that can be caused either by a complete absence of carbohydrate chains (type 1) or by structurally abnormal carbohydrate chains (type 2).
The members of a pair were abbreviated with letters, "a" assigned to the more anodal region of activity, and "b" assigned to the more cathodal region when two such regions could be distinguished (e.
This study investigated the effects of anodal and cathodal microamperage DC ES on wound potential and WSA in guinea pigs.
Because sialic acid has a negative charge, the IEF patterns of hyposialylated transferrin and apoC-III show a cathodal shift that can be caused either by structural glycan changes or by a different number of glycans (3), whereas hypersialylated glycoproteins show an anodal shift.
On day 21, the averaged normalized amount of ultimate tensile stress was greater in anodal group E3 and cathodal group E4 than in control group C2, but this difference was not statistically significant (Table 2).
The distance (mm) between the [beta]-1 and [beta]-2 trf bands and the distance from the cathodal end of the gel to the [beta]-1 trf band were measured for reproducibility on 15 stained gels (5 different lots of IFE3/6 reagent sets) over a period of 11 months.
Drug concentrations in the anodal compartment for negative drugs or cathodal compartment for neutral or positive drugs are then analyzed.