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(psychoanalysis) the libidinal energy invested in some idea or person or object

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We are excited to be an authorized Convio Solution Provider because it allows us to deepen our knowledge around Convio's methodology, products, and best practices that makes our consultants more valuable to our clients," said Mark Becker, founding partner of Cathexis Partners.
We chose Cathexis because of its leadership in RFID technology and its fundamental understanding of Microsoft technologies.
We will work with Cathexis to maximize its market potential and achieve good returns for both our companies.
With a list of international clients across numerous industries, Cathexis Innovations Inc.
Addison calls for not an abdication of passion but a rechanneling, a cathexis onto a different set of fetish objects: not hoops, but "furs and feathers, pearls and diamonds, ores and silks"--those commodities that signify woman as natural, supplements to the commodity woman that render her transparent and tautological--nature signifying itself as nature.
Five companies focused on the nonprofit sector -- Cathexis, Causeway, Charity Dynamics, Event360, and Firefly Partners -- have signed up to become charter members of the CSP program specializing in Convio Online Marketing products.
Regional VAD Global Distribution FZE has announced that is has signed a distribution agreement with Cathexis, a vendor that specialises in video surveillance solutions.
This is not to say that five-act comedy or tragedy was not also engaged in affective work, but rather to suggest that Romantic theatrical innovation amplified emotional cathexis in a way that exceeded narrative probability and thus opened onto increasingly phantasmatic resolutions to present crises.
Winnicott's basic position is that "in object-relating, the subject allows certain alterations of the self to take place, of a kind that has caused us to invent the term cathexis.
Cloothing Behavior, Body Cathexis, And Appearance Management Of Women Enrolled In A Commercial Weight Loss Program.
1) According to this theory, relationships between men and women are characterized by three social structures: sexual division of labor, which pertains to economic inequality; sexual division of power, which refers to an individual's ability to act, change or have power over others; and cathexis, which concerns the norms, attitudes and beliefs related to society's expectations of men and women.
Norbain has joined forces with leading Video Management Software (VMS) provider, Cathexis, Europe.
In another of Mansfield's stories, we witness a curtain 'folded, drooped, only to begin puff puffing out once more, filling, swelling, stretching out stiff with only a quiver, dancing a secret dance as it were while those birds of silence chased over the ceiling' (Fiction 2, 173), as if animated by cathexis.
is where you get asked about catharsis for the millionth time and patiently reveal that reconsolidation of memory in a stressed state is the opposite of catharsis; we might instead term it cathexis, which has "holding" at its root--
The difference between cathexis and auto-response is the difference between what happens when the fleshy orifice typically used for consumption and speech makes contact with an analogous arrangement on another human or human-resembling object, and a kiss.