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(psychoanalysis) the libidinal energy invested in some idea or person or object

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After the trauma of a failed dream, the Church needs to withdraw its cathexes from the lost love-object, to work through its melancholic fixation, and free itself for a new object of desire.
What we learn from this is that it takes time for the reasoning activity of the ego to overcome the objections that ar e maintained by strong affective cathexes" (23:67).
Rather than a unique pathology, this recoil is the necessary and normative process by which subjects disavow same-sex cathexes to assume a stable subjectivity.
aspirations ideology paradigms attitudes instinct perceptions beliefs intentions personality cathexes interests philosophies climate life style preferences culture models purposes derivations morale residues desires morals rules dispositions mores satisfaction drives motivation sentiments emotions motives standards ethic myths stereotypes ethos needs temperament expectancies norms traits goals objectives utilities habits obligations valences ideas opinions values The basic problem in interpreting survey results is bridging the gap between the researcher's and the respondents' minds.
The way in which it takes shape between analyst and analysand is analogous to the double bind of literary interpretation, chaining writer and reader in a complex exchange of cathexes. See in this context Hanjo Berressem's The "Evil Eye" of Painting: Jacques Lacan and Witold Gombrowicz of the Gaze.
Grand Award: Best office/professional building (under 100,000 square feet); Entrant: Saturday Limited Liability Co., Sparks, Nev.; Builder/Developer: McMillan Homes, Sparks; Architect: Cathexes, Reno, Nay.; Land Planner: Odyssey Engineering, Sparks
With the work of Kristeva, the psychic core of masochism shifts from castration anxiety (the assumed etiology in Freud, Deutsch, Deleuze, and Kaja Silverman) to disturbance within especially mother-daughter cathexes. To Kristeva, matricide is the first step toward autonomy; one must "kill" the mother to become individuated.
However persuasive the pretext for pugnacity in the novel may be (in this case, hardly at all), it thus functions primarily as the occasion for physical contact between adversaries -- contact whose cathexes evince a logic quite different from the plot's.
Freud's vocabulary would have Arnold using form to make appropriate cathexes, to face down and bring under control the demands made by the instincts at birth.
There are regnant biases as a result of emotional "cathexes"-positive and negative-and, of course, early experience of family is critical.
How many of these subjects would, in fact, embrace the titular appellation?) If the insistently thematizing title constitutes each of these figures as "girls," it also, of course, posits them as "friends" (or even lovers), part of an ever-expanding, promiscuous community predicated on the photographer's own libidinal cathexes. Thus, reflexively, Opie's desire becomes the ostensible subject of the exhibition--a subject affirmed and reified by all the coquettish gazes and hyperbolically come-hither poses on view.
(29) Given the acute overtness and intensity of the sexual conjunction with his feminine self-object, this experience may well initiate a new bout of constructive cathexes of self-representations featuring dream scenarios akin to the ones he had before.